everMOUNT™ SB-38N Speaker Wall Mount for SONOS® Play 1 & Play 3



everMOUNT ™ SB-38N Speaker Wall Mount for SONOS® Play 1 & Play 3

For SONOS® Play :1 & Play :3

Now you can match your SONOS® PLAY :1 & PLAY: 3 speakers with a wall bracket to mount it on the wall. The SB-38N is designed to supporting speakers up to 10kg/22lbs. The complete fittings included you can securely mount a SONOS® Play:1 or Play:3 as stereo or as surround speakers. Tilt it, swivel it, rotate it - even hang it upside down! Able to tilt and swivel the speaker to angle the sound precisely where you want it. Produced with ABS, these pivoting wall brackets let you direct sound toward your audience for optimal listening angles. The well-designed structure fixes your speakers within the load capacity in the idea angel steadily.



• Slide-In Wall Plate: provides easy access for attachment and detachment
• Ball and Socket Structure: allows for tilt or rotation for maximum flexibility
• Lock-Tight Knob Mechanism: allows easy frequent adjustment