Active Optical 4K HDR HDMI Cable

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995AOC / 995AOC-LSZH Available Lengths: 10m (33ft), 15m (50ft), 20m (66ft), 30m (98ft)

The SCP Active Optical 4K HDR HDMI Cable (Series: 995AOC) is the most advanced and competitive long reach HDMI solution on the market. This fiber/copper hybrid cable is thinner, more flexible, and outperforms other cables in its class. The 995AOC cable supports the latest HDMI standards including 4K@60 4:4:4 18Gbps, HDR, Multi-Channel Audio, EDID, CEC, HDCP2.2, ARC and HEAC. The SCP AOC Cable features a light-weight CL2 In-wall jacket or a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket that is compliant with EN50575:2014.

The SCP 995AOC cable features a micro HDMI end on the display/sink side with a unique detachable Type D/A adapter. This creates a slimmer cable installation profile. Also included is the SCP Pulling Capsule that protects the cable end during installation and makes narrow conduit/tube installation easier than ever. The 995AOC cable also features the SCP exclusive Snug-Tite™ Grip that keeps both connector ends securely connected to their devices for maximum signal integrity.

The SCP AOC Cable provides low susceptibility to EMI and RFI that is important for long distance signal transmission. The 995AOC cable is the recommended installation cable for professional AV applications, digital signage, home theater, and wherever high-resolution audio and video are required.


  • Snug-Tite™ Grip for Secure Connectivity
  • 4K@60 4:4:4 18Gbps
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Supporting HDMI 2.1 up to 24 Gbps (6Gbps/ch * 4)
  • Thinner, Lighter and More Flexible
  • Detachable Connector - Type D/A Adapter
  • Includes Pulling Capsule for Easy Installation through Conduit & Tight Spaces
  • Reduced Risk of EMI & RFI for Maximum Signal Integrity
  • No External Power Required
  • Optional USB Power on Rx Side
  • CL2 In-wall rated or Low Smoke Zero Halogen EN50575:2014 compliant

Additional Features

  • Up to 100m Maximum Length (Customized Length Available)
  • Low Power Consumption: 250mW (max). (Without External Power)
  • Data Rate 18Gbps (6Gbps per Channel)
  • Compatible with HDMI 2.0 standard.
  • Support HDCP1.4 and HDCP2.2
  • Support ARC/HEAC/HDR
  • Self-detecting function for EDID information
  • No loss of signal delivering crystal clear digital images instantly.
  • Supports computer resolutions to 1080P and 4K2K (60P YUV 4:4:4).
  • Hybrid optical cable with fiber and copper wire


  • Digital Signage
  • LED signboards in streets and in stadiums
  • Medical Imaging Equipment
  • Airplane On-board Video System
  • Home Theater
  • Blu-ray, 3D video, Projector, Set-up box, DVR, Game Consoles and Computer Systems
  • TV Broadcast Station
  • Conference Room Video Equipment
  • Security systems

Performance Support:

  • True 4K/Ultra HD 4K@60 4:4:4 2160p Full 18Gbps
  • Premium High Speed HDMI® Cable with Ethernet
  • HDR - High Dynamic Range Supported
  • BT.2020 Colorimetry - 10/12 4:4:4
  • 32 Channel Audio - 11.2 Surround Sound
  • ARC - Audio Return Channel
  • HD-3D - Full High Definition 3D
  • HDCP 2.2
  • ATC Tested - HDMI v2.0b Compliant
  • Supports: Dolby Atmos® and more